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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for online events, shop and exhibition purchases.

(WCAG = Waiheke Community Art Gallery)

1. Event tickets

a. Event tickets are non-refundable and will be transmitted via email once payment has been made.

b. You may request tickets be posted up to two weeks ahead of the event and this will be added to the cost.

c. Within two weeks of the event, tickets will be emailed or held at the event for collection on the day.

d. Tickets provide proof of payment and entry to the event. Please ensure you bring your ticket to the event. Entry will be declined if a ticket is not presented.

e. If, due to unforeseeable circumstances WCAG cancels an event, a full refund will be provided, less any credit card processing fees.

f. WCAG reserves the right to pre-sell event tickets to their client database and to close sales once capacity is reached.

2. Freighting

a. Shop and exhibition purchases will be freighted at purchasers cost. The cost of freighting will be calculated via the shopping card and charged at the time of purchase.

b. Please ensure that you are purchasing the item intended by checking the title of work in your shopping cart.

c. Once payment has been made the item will be despatched within 36 hours.

d. Once 24 hours has lapsed, no refunds will be available.

e. Freighting of goods overseas will be subject to the receiving country’s import restrictions.

3. Returns and breakages

a. If a breakage occurs in transit, please immediately contact the freight provider and advise them. Then contact the WCAG for further direction.

b. Return of work. If a work needs to be returned to WCAG, this will be at your own cost unless it can be proven that it is due to a picking error by the WCAG team.

4. Credit card information for payments

a. WCAG receives credit card payments via SSL and a secure, PCI compliant NZ-based third party (DPS). WCAG does not retain or store credit card information. If, for some reason a refund is required we will contact you to ascertain your credit card details in order to process the refund.

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