Sandra Marie Adams
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Sandra Marie Adams

Sandra Marie Adams is a multi award winning acrylic artist, exhibiting worldwide.

Sandra’s work is often driven by a strong autobiographical element. Her paintings are mostly an outward manifestation of the world inside her head. Sandra loves to always be challenging herself as an artist. As a result her subject matter tends to varied. Sandra describes herself as a colourist and uses colour to evoke mood and emotion.

Waiheke Island, where she lives, features strongly in her paintings. Often the beautiful seascapes are used as the background for a story, comment or observation.

Sandra has always been passionate about the injustices in the world and the interplay of good and evil. Sandra often explores these themes in her art. Sandra has also endlessly questioned the validity of the conventional biblical stories. She enjoys portraying her own controversial version of the truth through her art.

Having a daughter with cancer has impacted on her career as an artist. For Sandra it has raised many questions about faith and the sometimes difficult journeys we find ourselves on as humans. The daily reminder of mortality constantly reaffirms Sandra’s resolve to create meaningful, soulful work.

Sandra Marie Adams Artist Profile

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