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Belinda Fabris

I am an emerging sculptural artist. Largely self taught, although I have participated in a number of courses in a variety of media. My husband Steve and I live on Waiheke Island. I enjoying and am grateful for the support of a very strong art community on the island.

I like to think my sculptures are playful and optimistic, a celebration of life. They are surreal, anthropomorphic entities, whimsical and flamboyant, organic and eccentric. I enjoy expressing a 'joie de vivre' with a hint of mischief which sometimes can provoke change.

We are identified and judged by the way we look, the ‘costumes’ we wear, how we are seen and how we want to be seen.

Many of my busts wear hats. Hats play a big part in my work, I love hats. My mother was a milliner and throughout my childhood I spent many hours watching, working and playing with hats. Hats and how they are worn, tell us so much about who people are their attitude or who they want to be.

Although these pieces have been created to sit on poles outdoors, on decks and gardens, clients have chosen them for an entry, lounges, kitchens and dining rooms and bathrooms.

I love working with clay. I use earthenware Paper Clay. On many occasions the clay tells me how it wants to be moved. It will only take so much pushing around … like most of us. I enjoy the continual and evolving sense of growth and development clay demands and the unpredictability and surprise in the results coming from the kiln. Due to the volume of individual components and risks involved with ceramics, the pieces are fired separately then assembled.

Belinda Fabris Artist Profile

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