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17 May - 30 June 2024

An installation from Prof. Robert Jahnke ONZM FRSNZ, Arts Foundation Laureate 2023 (Ngāi Taharoa, Te Whānau a Iritekura, Te Whānau a Rakiauroa o Ngāti Porou)


Te Wepu MMXXIII is a stunning new installation of five works in powder-coated mild steel, aluminium, neon and mirror, from leading contemporary Māori artist, Prof. Robert Jahnke. 

In Te Wepu MMXXIII, Jahnke references elements of Para Matchitt's iconic Te Wepu Installation, using layers of  triangular and diamond light to frame its signature motifs while creating iterations of pattern into infinity -  cloaked by reflections embracing star, moon, heart, mountain, and cross, reverberating enlightenment as light  emerges out of the darkness. 

Te Wepu MMXXIII is presented Courtesy of PAUL NACHE.


Jahnke says of this work, "It is often suggested that we live in a post-colonial age; nothing could be further from the truth. This suite of work is a homage to the power of image to reconnect a mnemonic tradition through space and time."


Jahnke travels to the opening of this exhibition on Waiheke Island from Italy where he presented in ‘Personal Structures 2024’, the 7th edition of the Biennial of International Art held at the Palazzo Mora in Venice from the 20th April – 24th November 2024, alongside the Venice Biennale. 



ROBERT JAHNKE ONZM FRSNZ, Arts Foundation Laureate 2023

Ngāi Taharoa, Te Whānau a Iritekura, Te Whānau a Rakairoa o Ngāti Porou

Considered one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary Māori artists, Jahnke is a highly respected educator who works as an historian, teacher, researcher, writer and advocate for Māori and indigenous arts nationally and internationally. He contributes to Māori Development through his teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, his research into traditional Māori carving and his academic writing straddling art education, contemporary and traditional Māori art, and identity politics.



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Robert Jahnke Ikura Manawa Ma 2023 Powder coated mild steel aluminium neon mirror pane mirror electricity 1170 diameter x 210mm

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