Observations - Kelley Diener

19 May - 19 June 2017

"...Through the years of wandering along the beaches here on Waiheke, I have noticed that some shells seem to be exclusive to one particular beach.  This is the essence of my latest series of paintings. The series is called, Observations, because this is frankly what each painting represents.  

A few months ago I began collecting shells exclusive to one beach.  I then went to the beach closest on the next day and tried to find the shells collected from the other beach the day before.  I now have a robust collection of dominant shells collected from each of the main beaches on the island.

As part of this exhibition I have researched my subject matter.  It appears to be the case that shells are quite mysterious indeed. Scientists still don’t know how the animals who create their exoskeleton get the colour to put into the calcium carbonate and protein shell.  So to honour the mystery, I have chosen to use cast shadows from shell still life compositions to illustrate my theory. Observations is an attempt to blend still life with science." - Kelley Diener