Gregory O'Brien - Paintings from Oceania

10 - 16 November 2015

Associated the Waiheke Book Festival, Gregory O’Brien presents a week long exhibition in the Small Gallery.

'my quarrel with whales / paintings from oceania'
Coinciding with Gregory O'Brien's new collection of poems and drawings, Whale Years (Auckland University Press, 2015), this exhibition trawls the greater Pacific region for vestiges of meaning, beauty, the intelligence of ages. Between the hard facts and the numinous expanse, the paintings record journeys, discoveries and the state of being cast well beyond the usual co-ordinates. The works also celebrate the Government's recent decision to create a Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary in New Zealand's northernmost waters.
Born in Matamata in 1961, Gregory O'Brien is a Wellington-based poet, artist, curator and writer. In 2011 he co-ordinated the 'Kermadec' art project and his subsequent paintings have toured to Tonga, Chile, Easter Island and, most recently, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia.