Earth & Fire

20 October - 12 November 2017

Selected Stone and Glass by Philip Stokes and Richard Page in the Annex gallery.

Philip Stokes is one of Australasia's leading contemporary glass artists; spending his time between Melbourne Australia and New Zealand, refining, expanding and exploring the craft of glass.

With a background in theatre Philip finds that handling hot glass is surprisingly similar to the stage; spontaneity, improvisation and chance are all elements that he enjoys and exploits, both in the making and in the final piece. Stokes’ works are playful pieces excited by colour and inspired by the dance and rhythms of life; which are captured in the moment and remain in the glass forever.

Stokes’ architectural sculptures and installations can be found in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, and the Sheraton Hotel in Xiamen, China amongst many others. He is a regular speaker at creative forums and his work is highly sought after by the corporate and private sectors.

Richard Page "..Sculpture was always in my mind, and life in it’s own way, has led me to the decision to sculpt full time. I work mostly with the a locally (Raglan NZ) sourced extrusive and intrusive volcanic rock called Basalt. It makes up for most of the worlds Oceanic crust which in the past two years has inspired me to create geometric shapes, which connect someway or another to all things aquatic. Through my studies of seashells I came across ‘the golden section’. This sacred geometry has opened up new dimensions to my work and enabled me to incorporate growth and balance to my finished pieces”