CORE - Australian Printmakers Invitational

17 July - 17 August 2015
Free Entry

This invitational exhibition features works by Australian artists: Annika Romeyn, Ben Rak, Kyoko Imazu, Linda Swinfield, Olivia Willson,Tanya Crothers, Jet James, Michael Kempson, Rew Hanks, Rafael Butron, Dale Harding, Vernan Ah Kee, Elisabeth Cummings, Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa, and Katherine Kennedy.

Curator for this project and one of the participating artists Katherine Kennedy explains;

Using CORE as a creative theme allows us to explore the word ‘core’ as suggestive of an essence or central part to which a whole relates. Therefore this peripheral ‘whole’ implies everything other than the core and begs the question; can there be a periphery with no core?

In the context of this exhibition, CORE with its implied periphery, presents both two and three dimensional printed works the combination of which will ideally present a unified whole. When viewing the wall, shelf and plinth displayed works depending on the viewer perspective at any moment peripheral works will support the primary work in view. Also ‘core’ infers the fundamental elements of a discipline and in this instance of traditional printmaking this is usually explored in a 2 dimensional form. Bearing this in mind, deviating from this into the third dimension is in its self an acknowledgement of ‘core’ traditions whilst attempting to interact spatially in ways that a two dimensional work simply does not. However the selected artist’s interpret CORE, they will define visually this theme, as the central driving force of an artwork and within the visual language specific to their own practice. 

This is a unique opportunity to experience an exhibition of established and emerging Australian artists at the gallery.

Katherine Kennedy was the summer intern here at the gallery earlier in the year and we look forward to seeing her again with this exciting and intriguing exhibition.