Authority and Obedience

Artist: Cornelia Craig Koning

Fabric, clay, paint, feathers, various haberdashery     $550


These pieces were made in the first Covid 19 lockdown last year. It was such an unsettling time and so much confusion amongst people. These pieces reflect some of the emotions and behaviours I witnessed around me.  The series consist of 4 couples. The following emotions and behaviours are depicted in the figures. 

Denial, bewilderment, authority, obedience, trust, acceptance, helplessness and stoicism. 

The indigo blues are a reflection of the mood in the world. They have a zombie like feeling about them as people were moving around in public places ignoring each other due to fear. Social distancing stopped even the acknowledgment of others around us. So like zombies we moved around as if no one else could see us and we couldn’t see them. 

The act of making them was in itself a reflection of the downtime that lockdown provided for people. Finding time to do crafts, puzzles, sewing and other forgotten pastimes. It anchored me to something very earthy working with a physical creation using hand sewing, dyeing and moulding