Pamela Matthews

Studio: Grail Gallery

For her entire working life (from the early1960’s – the numbers start to scare you after a while!),  Pamela has earned her living entirely from her art, initially as a graphic artist in a Wellington department store before moving across the Tasman sea to the advertising department of the more prestigious David Jones emporium in Sydney, Australia. 

After experiencing an epiphany while walking alone on a beach more than 40 years ago, Pamela paints spiritual, sacred and visionary images which are widely reproduced and may be found in ashrams, retreats, yoga, meditation & healing centres as well as private homes all around the world.

* What is now commonly known as “Visionary Art” is actually one of three forms of surrealism, a term coined a century ago by the art poet Apollinaire and is from the French “surrealiste”, meaning above, or on top of, reality. Visionary Surrealism often illustrates religious or spiritual transformation, and is usually positive, even optimistic: to ‘delight and enlighten’ Pamela works from her studio gallery Grail Gallery here on Waiheke.