Michael Ocean

Kia ora!

For several years now, I have thought of myself as a ‘closet artiste’.

Martin Luther King’s slogan of “I have a dream”, has resonated with me for most of my adult life, and I now say, “I have had many dreams, and, they come to fruition! I am living my dreams!

‘Dreaming’, in a reflective sense, has been my main modality for bringing a particular pursuit into life.
If it wasn’t for reflective dreaming, how else would I have been able to find meaning and give purpose to my life as young adult child and as a young child attracted to men in provincial New Zealand in the 1950s?

In my career as an educationalist, I found parents of children with a multiple disability who had a dream that their child would walk or talk one day, so, I had the forethought to honour their dream in a real way.

I have been visiting Asia since 2006, and are drawn to people who are motivated to change an aspect of their lives –What is their dream? How could we help bring their dream(s) to fruition.

For the last year I have returned to Hoi An, Viet Nam, many times and at dusk when the lanterns come out I feel a sense of enchantment and inherent ‘magic’ -Thomas Moore wrote a book called “the Re-Enchantment In Everyday Life”.

The enchantment of Hoi An has allowed me to bring to life my dream of wanting to be a ‘living artiste’ -experimenting with the art of creativity from within the contextual frames of psycho-socia and cultural comment through the use of ritual.

I have had the opportunity to co-create with a local renowned photographer, Kiet Thai Tuan, and benefit from the goodwill of the people of Hoi An.